Made to Delight

One of a kind / One at a time


Spirit of Nature

That joy you get visiting gardens, taking in a vista, or discovering a new path through the woods made portable and wearable in precious metals and colorful gemstones.


Meet the Artist

In love with nature and goldsmithing, Karin imbues each meticulously crafted piece with the spirit of her inspiration.

You're one of a kind

Botanical Art Jewelry appeals to strong women with soft hearts who value originality over conformity and timelessness over trend.

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The Florilegia Project

Artist's Journal

Musings on inspiration, process, studio life.

Changing Tides

Living in Laguna Beach, I get to experience the changing nature of the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis. Some days I walk down to my usual access point, and...

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Hand Tools

Goldsmithing is a hands-on art form. A jewelry studio accumulates hundreds of tools, large and small, and the collection tends to grow over the years. There are the basics, like a saw and file, the...

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Local Inspiration

Sometimes we don't need to travel far for inspiration. Finding beauty right outside my front door in my Laguna Beach Wood's Cove neighborhood.

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